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Does Amazon have a corporate reward policy for employee patent inventors?

One of the Amazon leadership principles is "invent and simplify", so I suppose Amazon encourages their employees to be creative and to fill new patent applications. I have heard a rumour about puzzle ...
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Getting over patents using multiple companies

LET ME BE VERY SPECIFIC: Suppose some company - ABC is awarded with a patent, say an Operating System which can access its features through speech recognition. Suppose Another company, XYZ sells an O....
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Has Amazon been awarded this patent? (9,398,367)

Or just in general, what's the status of it? If I'm reading it correctly, it first filed for it in August 2014, and was granted it last week. Could be entirely wrong, though, so any help would be ...
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Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer Patent?

According to, this product is patented: Why are there so many exact copies of this product found on under different brand names? Is the patent not valid? Or is there a legal ...
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Photography lighting (Amazon) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

sorry to ask this but unless I've missed something fundamental in that massively overly complicated and distracting description of a setup that, with probably small adjustments in lighting positions, ...
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