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US patent class 273 or 463 — Amusement devices: games

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Prior art for video games played according to a selected value system such as the claimed "codes of honor"

US patent application 2012/0052930 is titled "System and method for the heros journey mythology code of honor video game engine and heros journey code of honor spy games wherein one must fake the ...
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Amusement Game - Dice that return independent variables or a random color - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

The "Die for use in game play" patent application describes a die that returns two independent (random) variables. According to the application, one is ("preferably") a color. The other, as you might ...
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Is my system an infrigement of the Active Time Battle patent from Final Fantasy?

Just have a simple question, the ATB system (Active Time Battle) from Final Fantasy has been patent in the past (i think 1992 on july). I am interested in making a turn based game based on the Charge ...
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