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Interpretation of apparatus having specific logic

Here is a patent (US10255656B2) that claims an apparatus with specific functionality. I would like to focus on the first claim for now: A multiprocessor comprising: a register file to store operands;...
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After drafting two independent claims for interrelated apparatus, is it possible to draft 3rd independent which include both?

I have two interrelated apparatus like a socket and a plug. I'd like to draft one independent claim for each one. Is it possible to draft 3rd independent claims included both apparatus? And if it is ...
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Does patent for an apparatus cover the individual sub-components as well?

My invention is a replacement part for an existing device, that results in novel functionality. My patent will claim: Existing device (A) + my novel component (B) = A novel apparatus (c) Will a ...
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Apparatus Terminology

Within the context of describing a patent claim for a USPTO patent, would use of the term apparatus to represent a group of inter-networked computers be correct? Does the USPTO have a formal ...
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A method claim dependent on an apparatus claim? (US7873522)

Regarding patent US7873522 (Measurement of spoken language training, learning and testing): I would like to know why dependent claim 18 begins "The method of claim 17..." when claim 17 is not a ...
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Is it an apparatus or a system?

Imagine that I have a device that gets inserted into a car engine to speed up the car. It consists of 3 parts that are connected via tubes. Is it an apparatus that gets inserted into a system (the car ...
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