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Public Pair: change of applicant - when will the tab "application data" be updated?

I have a question regarding a change of applicant filed with the USPTO. We have filed said assignment document in January 2019(!). This assignment document will be displayed in tab "Assignments&...
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Can I file a patent application with two applicant corporations?

I would like to file a patent application that is jointly owned by two companies. Can both companies be applicants? Will both company names appear on patent publications?
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Can a co-inventor (not the applicant) correspond with the patent office?

As a co-inventor, can I be involved in correspondence with the patent office (USPTO and others)? For instance, can I file for some claim amendments? If not, can the other co-inventor who is also the ...
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Does an applicant have ownership rights if not listed as an inventor?

I'm involved with an Australian Pty Ltd company that is the applicant for an Australian patent, and has listed the two inventors as two of the shareholders of the company. Does the Pty Ltd have co-...
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How can I contact the inventor or applicant of a European patent or application?

I'm interested in contacting the owner of EP1870511A1. Where can I find information to do so? I've reviewed "How can I contact the owner of a patent?," but it appears to only cover American patents ...
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