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Utilizing existing already manufactured products

If two existing products manufactured in USA, with a US brand, that are unrelated and assembled (assembled requiring some machining and hardware) and utilized for a completely different application ...
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1 answer

Does the classification process of an innovation have to be done by an examiner before he/she select the prior art that'd form an objection on novelty

Good Day to all. I am being challenged by an IP Australia examiner that my innovation lacks subject matter. The examiner however never did classification proceding and presents 4 bits of prior art ...
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1 answer

EXFAT Patent. Is this prior art?

I have been reading an article describing exFAT which has patents owned by Microsoft. In the article, it also refers briefly to two sections which allegedly are patented, that being a hash of the ...
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1 answer

USPTO patent search database no longer secure over web SSL https

Does anyone know how to do a safe query of the: USPTO Patent Application Full-Text and Image Database (AppFT)? When queries to the database essentially go across the web either to your VPN host or ...
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1 answer

Filed earlier, published later

US patent claiming Compound A or its salt (X salt included in laundry list) published after another US application filed as compound A's X salt and gets grant. They do not share common priority and ...
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How do I identify prior art on US20060272266A1 Modular Structure in the form of a question?

I read this application (US20060272266A1) on a modular structure that attempts to patent a well-known form of tension/compression structure. The application still seems open after all this time. I am ...