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Can a patent with a common assignee to a patent application not be used as prior art against the patent application?

This question answers whether a prior patent application can be used against a newer commonly owned patent application, but my question is what situations (if any) exist where a prior publication, or ...
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What if the inventor of the idea is dead?

Some of these patents have been patent back in the mid 1900's. How do I know if these people are still alive? And if not, how can I take over the patent? Are the patents moved on to the next family ...
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What is the patent owner law in US?

Let say this patent for an example: The inventors are: Jerrold C. Manock, Terrell A. Oyama, Steven P. Jobs They are working in Apple and invent that. If ...
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Who will be the assignee in such hypothetical situation?

Who will be the assignee in such hypothetical situation? Imagine a hypothetical situation where Alex works in company A and his friend Bob works in company B. One patentable idea came up from both of ...
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A question regarding patent

Let’s say I have generated an interesting idea alone and submitted to my current company to proceed patenting and the company rejected my idea to patent because they think the idea is not worthy. Now, ...
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Patent enquiry for Eco friendly products

My application requested for an existing U.S. patent was filed, I received a copy personally signed by a certifying officer in the mail. Does this mean I have been granted the use of this patent. Or ...
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Is an inventor obliged to assign patent rights to a company in order to be named as an inventor in the patent?

If a company misses to name an inventor in an already filled patent application, and the inventor requests to be added, is she obliged to assign rights to the company as a prerequisite for having them ...
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What legal responsibilities does a listed inventor have?

Short version: Are there or has there ever been a law suit against a patent inventor for a utility patent not fulfilling it's claims? Long version: If a small company or individual were to be granted ...
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us11541217 - Tattooing Apparatus

I'm very curious if the technology from the device described in patent us11541217 exists in any commercial device, or has yet been built? I cannot find any contact information for the inventors, nor ...
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Question about the original assignee in this patent

In reference to the patent: US3450248 Who or what is Roto Rico Co Inc and how can i find them.
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Does LEGO own patent US 8,292,744 B2?

In reference to the patent: US 8,292,744 B2 It looks like LEGO so I need to know if they own it or not.
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Do I need to assign the rights of a patent to the company I consult with?

I am a designer. One of the companies that I contract with is applying for patents. What is the protocol for a contractor to sign over the rights of the IP. The company owner says that they would ...
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Non-Elected, Rejected and Objected claims, and reviving the abandoned patent

I followed my patent application after 3 years and found that it is abandoned. The abandonment report mentioned that patent has been abandoned because "No reply has been received". The final claim ...
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