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In USPTO patent application publication document an assignment of right form was not taken into account

We filed a patent application on Aug 27 2022 with Track One, Sep 07 2022 our agent filed an assignment form that transferred the rights from person to legal entity (I don`t know why he didn't claim ...
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Can I dedicate a patent to someone?

What are the ways or steps via which I can dedicate my patent to someone else as an innovator? I have tried searching on the USPTO and it only tells about transferring the ownership. Another way I can ...
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Who will be the assignee in such hypothetical situation?

Who will be the assignee in such hypothetical situation? Imagine a hypothetical situation where Alex works in company A and his friend Bob works in company B. One patentable idea came up from both of ...
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Who is the Registered Owner of the Following Patents and is Their Assignee Recorded?

What person or group is the registered owner or registered assignee of the following design patents 8257475 9182080 9574710 10100980
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Patent holder died, no estate filed. Relatives may commercialize patents. The deceased sold shares and accepted loans?

Since 2010 recently deceased inventor (Pa. resident) received several significant US patents and filed several pending applications for US and international patents. No estate has been filed 8 months ...
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Public Pair: change of applicant - when will the tab "application data" be updated?

I have a question regarding a change of applicant filed with the USPTO. We have filed said assignment document in January 2019(!). This assignment document will be displayed in tab "Assignments&...
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Former employer asking for assignment rights

My previous employer (I quit ~3 years ago) had an IP law firm reach out to me to ask me to sign a "COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT OF PATENT RIGHTS DEED". The patent was eventually issued in the US, ...
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Should I Assign My Patent for Free?

I'm a little unsure what to make of the situation I'm in and hoping someone here can help a bit. I've been working with a startup for the past 18 months to develop a product that we've now brought to ...
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Patent document and Patent assignment database dont match

The patent document says that the patent was assigned to some company. But USPTO's patent assignment database shows that there is no such assignment. My theory is that the applicant/owner didn't ...
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Pros & Cons of assignment to a corporate entity

For an independent inventor with only one patent family, what are the pros and cons of creating a corporate entity, such as an LLC or S-Corp, and assigning issued patents to it?
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I would like to get this patent assigned to my company since it infringes on DQWA, which is assigned to Ether-2. How do I do that?

In reference to the patent: US20140148197
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How can we identify the change in Assignments. Is it based on time frame (USPTO update once in a 6 months) or if there is some legal status changes

A US patent is assigned when it is sold to another person. However, I have seen few cases where the assignment was recorded a little later than the public announcement of the transfer (such as a ...
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A question regarding the patent term

If the filing date of this patent is on Jun 14, 1994, the patent should have expired on June 14, 2014. Is this right? Also, what is the significance of knowing the assignment of this EXPIRED patent on ...
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Can provisional applications be sold/assigned?

Can provisional applications be sold/assigned? I don't just mean in theory, but is buying provisional applications something that companies do? I'm not asking about "suing the Goliath", but rather ...
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I am the original inventor. Is it possible to find from USPTO PAIR the expiration of this pending patent?

In reference to the patent: US20160095523 The 2 granted patents associated with this application are : US8613706 and US9332914 have been assigned to : VASCULAR SOLUTIONS, INC by me. Phil Langston. ...
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Can I assign a patent application to a third party?

Can I assign a patent to third party after application was filed but before the patent was awarded?
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What is the point of within firm (inter-firm/subsidiary) patent transfers/re-assignments?

I need an in-house lawyer's perspective on why some patents are sometimes re-assigned to subsidiaries, but still technically owned by the parent company. For example, Company A may re-assign ownership ...
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Inheritance of enforceable patents

There have been several recent questions in the form of “My [family member] was granted patent [x]. How can I claim it?”. So far, these patents have all been long since expired or assigned to ...
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Have the Tree Lounge Advantage patents expired?

I was wondering if the Tree Lounge Advantage patents (e.g., US 5,954,158) are available to be purchased? I know the company has since closed. Have they expired or are they still valid? Any help would ...
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I would like to buy the Knock on Wood keychain patent

I am ready to buy this patent (CA 2,505,802 A1), and am wondering how and who to contact about it.
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Is it possible to re-assign Patent US 4,023,765 A?

In reference to the patent: US 4,023,765 A I am the youngest daughter of James R. Kinnamon, the original owner of this patent. My father passed away in 1998. He gave me the legal documentation of the ...
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How to Find current Ownership of a patent?

In reference to the patent: USD259587 Ways to figure out the current legal ownership status of patent?
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Patent issued in 2005 and now is ceased/expired due to failure to pay maintenance fees

If a patent has been claimed expired/ceased due to failure to pay maintenance fees, and I come in and assign the patent to myself (is this possible) I would also pay all the fees up to date. The ...
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