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What if I didn't mention all the use cases for my invention across different sectors?

I wish to file my own provisional patent (I'm jobless without an income so I can't afford an attorney). I have an idea that solves many problems across different industries. Should I mention all the ...
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Citing a blog in background information (not prior art)

For a USPTO utility patent, in my background section I would like provide a reference to an interview (the interview included in a blog post available at This is not a prior art ...
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'Background of the Invention'

I am trying to determine whether I should include this section in a Non Provisional Application (NPA). As I read the 'Background of the Invention' it seems to provide the history of the technology ...
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Does the US Patent Office fact check an application's Background section before granting a patent?

There's a seemingly odd claim in the "Background" section of a granted patent: In Yuri Gagarin's historic flight into space, he returned in near critical condition after only one hour and forty ...
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Referencing other studies in background

I am applying for a provisional patent application. Am I allowed to use problems from other studies in my Background/Problems section?
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How detailed should the background be?

I'm attempting to form a non-provisional utility patent relating to a method and apparatus used for chemical separations. My question is concerning field of invention and subsequently prior art. Here’...
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Can I use examples in the Background section?

To make sure the Background section of my application conveys the novelty of my idea, can I provide an exemplary use case scenario within the Background section? Without it, I feel that the examiner ...
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