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Use this tag if your question has to do with books that talk about patents. Patenting books is not possible (books receive copyright though). Copyright questions however are off topic.

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Are there any books or articles on experiences of inventors after their invention?

Background I wonder how inventors experience things after they've invented something. Some might patent it, and either start a business or benefit from the royalties of licensing the patent. Others ...
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Guidance for patent application drafting and responding to claims

I am looking for guidance on preparing an effective draft for filing a patent and some examples and case studies that discusses how to effectively respond to claims… Are there any specific resources ...
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Patent book recommendation for mistakes, goofs, blunders, circumventions, etc.?

Sorry if recommendations are off topic. I did check the don't ask section and hopefully the question isn't overly opinionated. As an example, The person who invented the paper coffee cup holder used ...
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Materials for learning about patent litigation and valuation?

I'm an engineer with a fair bit of business and strategy experience. I also read several books about patents, large parts of the Manual of Patent Examination Procedure (MPEP), many patent documents, ...
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Books on patents

I am looking for some intermediate level books on patents. I heard about a book called "Patent It Yourself", has anyone read it and can you recommend it? What group is the book targeting and does it ...
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Good patent books for startups and inventors?

Does anyone have a suggestion for good books or other resources on patents for startups and inventors? It seems like most things are “do it yourself” guides or texts for attorneys that don’t have the ...
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