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Will a patent for a bug repellent that uses a mix of substances become invalid when it is proven that there is prior art for one of those substances?

Lets imagine that I have invented a new kind of bug repellent that targets one specific bug. This repellent uses a group of active ingredients to repel said bug. Each active ingredient does so in its ...
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2 answers

Is it allowed to include substances in a patent that will not be used in the final product but have very similar characteristics to the one that is?

Let's say i've made a new product for repelling lice and wish to patent it. Let's imagine that the active ingredient of this lice repelling product is ethanol. Ethanol is a member of the alcohol ...
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1 answer

Prior art and very broad description

In reference to the patent: US20160288972 the following links we believe show proof of prior art: https://...
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Are Patents Given to Common Practices?

In reference to the patent: US3228773 This is a common practice so if it is patented does this mean that no one else can use this process? That's absurd.
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2 answers

Are these patents unreasonably broad? US20130158984A1, US20130151240A1, US20130198196A1

There's a patent that's been granted and now owned by LinkedIn, that appears to cover any and all permutations of a computer automatically validating something. Patents US20130158984A1, ...
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2 answers

File a broad patent and specific embodiment separately?

If a I'm filling a broad patent claim, should I file as a separate patent a specific embodiment I'm more interested in? The reasons for this are that the specific embodiment is easier to defend, and ...
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Patent Troll Alert PCT/US2016/031871

In reference to the patent: WO2016186925A1 CLAIMS We claim: 1. A method of performing upscaling, the method comprising: parsing an input video; breaking the input video into individual frames; ...
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How to deal with prior art with absurdly broad claims?

Suppose there is a patent with claim A that is filed five years ago. It might not be perceived as "obvious" five years ago but it is very common nowadays. Suppose John wants to file a patent ...
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1 answer

Possible to file for a patent, despite super broad, expired patent already existing?

I was looking to patent an invention I feel to have novelty, but I came across this one pre-existing US patent while doing some research. It was filed over 20 years ago and has since "lapsed". ...