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2 answers

building almost identical application (mobile) to another business in different jurisdiction

Background I have spent the last 3 years researching a business model/method and then completed building a mobile application that functions in a specific way. I never did any "prior art" ...
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How much can you change a PPA when converting into Non-Provisional such that you will be able to keep the PPA date?

Concerned with PPA “converting” to Non-Provisional I am in the process of drafting up a software Provisional Patent Application. I have an issue in that there are parts of the system that require ...
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I'm looking to patent a new SaaS Education System. Processes and structure are very different from the traditional system

I am aware that I cannot disclose key information about the system/business model but I would only need to know if there is record of previous education systems being patented. It isn't just a ...
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Is there a comprehensive business listing with unique identifiers?

I'm doing some patent processing and was wondering if there's a master database somewhere (Bloomberg, D&B?) which uniquely identifies companies that I could map patent owners/assignees into. The ...
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2 answers

Can I sell a product that uses patented components?

I would like to sell a product that uses a device that is currently under patent. If I buy the device from the company and screw it onto my product, (which does something unrelated), can I sell it?
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2 answers

Who owns this patent?

In reference to the patent: US8780542 USI-Tech is claiming a patent on a similar sounding technology, see link, do they now own this technology?
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3 answers

How can I know if my idea is patentable?

For example I have an idea to serve customer request which lets businesses handle a greater variety of customers or an idea which helps customers achieve what they want easier and in a shorter time. ...
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