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Is there a subscription list for entities to be notified of new patent applications so that they can challenge the new claims?

For example, let's take Match Group Inc, which is a multi billion dollar conglomerate group that owns a suite of dating apps. Is there a list that they sign on to on the USTPO that notifies them of a ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How can the challenge date of an application be extended?

The challenge on Microsoft's patent US 20130063492 states: Availability for Challenge: Open Until at least Sept 14, 2013 How is the "available for challenge" date obtained? What steps must we ...
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1 answer

How does the public review process work for US patent applications?

I am aware of a patent application that has been filed that I wish to challenge. I know the application number, but the it was recently filed and is not publicly available for review on the USPTO ...
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Challenging a granted patent?

I found a patent which was granted but the product which is claiming the patent is different from the contents of the patent. How does one challenge the validity of the patent?
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