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Meaning of Earth gravity for patents based or related to it

Mostly, patents assume normal gravity condition. Imagine a device which would not work upfront in low or absent gravity. Would a modified device but working for same purpose and all other considered ...
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When to file a design patent

Each day I am getting closer to taking a prototype I have been working on to market. Before it goes public, I would file for a provisional utility patent to determine if it is even a viable product, ...
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Altering a patented web application

I'm working on a rewrite of a patented web application. When the application was patented couple of years ago, the original developer made some rather aged user interface choices (such as the style of ...
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A method claim dependent on an apparatus claim? (US7873522)

Regarding patent US7873522 (Measurement of spoken language training, learning and testing): I would like to know why dependent claim 18 begins "The method of claim 17..." when claim 17 is not a ...
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