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US patent class 435: chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology

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What is the purpose of this Ebola-related patent of the US government?

One of my conspiracy theory-loving friends posted about this patent application (US 2012/0251502 A1), thinking the government created Ebola for the purposes of population control. This is obviously ...
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If a virus was not created by the U.S. government, what right do they have to a patent on it?

How can various American scientists be named as the inventors on this patent application (US 2012/0251502 A1) if the United States government is adamant they never created the virus? If the virus is ...
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Patentable Subject Matter in US 7396654 as claimed

Any Prometheus v. Mayo issues with this?
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Are any of these protein stabilization papers prior art for this patent?

MUTANT G-PROTEIN COUPLED RECEPTORS AND METHODS FOR SELECTING THEM Patent application 12/450,358 filed Mar 20, 2008 Here is an example of engineering mutants to give better thermostability of a ...
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Prior art for US Patent No. 6025327 for hydrolyzed collagen type II

Does any one know any prior art for the US6025327, disclosing hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage derived collagen type II, or method for preparing collagen type II from chicken sternal cartilage? ...
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Which datasets are to be provided along-with patent application?

I am trying to patent a catalytic process (and probably the catalyst too), which I may also publish later as a research paper. However, I currently only have the reaction results - which might prove ...
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Are CRISPR patents actual device or merely methods that utilizing devices?

I've been reading a little about this case and reviewing the claims in the Charpentier application and the Zhang grant. Biotech patents are not an area where I have much knowledge, but I have great ...
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Length of Time Before Invention is released or Patent is up

In reference to the patent: US9005603 How long will Mayo Clinic "own" this naturally occurring Microbe? I want my mother to be able to benefit from this, however, the Mayo Clinic has had it patented ...
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Is a PCR protocol including primers patentable?

Is a specific PCR (polymerase chain reaction) protocol including primers to detect the presence of a specific organism in a probe patentable in the US or/and elsewhere? e.g. A blood test for ...
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