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When is a Patent broken?

I am trying to perform a particular reaction. As a result, I am using a methodology applied in a 1976 Paper. However, I see that someone (not the authors of that paper) has patented a process very ...
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Can I buy and use a patented technology without incurring in troubles?

We are a new start-up team based in Europe and have few or none knowledge on usage of patents and patented technology. We designed a chemical process that includes buying and using a patented ...
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Broad claim of US Patent 7,404,278 and available prior art

Does anyone have any prior art for U.S. Patent 7,404,278. The patent describes a method of siliconization for syringes, with the novelty of the method being asserted as "subjecting the siliconized ...
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Prior art for preparation of functionalized zeolitic frameworks

Patent #US20100186588| "PREPARATION OF FUNCTIONALIZED ZEOLITIC FRAMEWORKS", filed Jul 16, 2008, is for the preparation of functionalized zeolitic frameworks. Here is its claim 1: 1. A ...
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