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Does Google Patent cover all Chinese patents records from SIPO or just those who applied for PCT?

Can all patents records on SIPO website also be found from Google Patent search? Google Patent search says their patents originate from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the ...
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3 answers

Ways to translate and read Chinese patent in English

I wish to read Chinese patent and does not know how to read Chinese language. What should i do to get that patent in English version ? How to translate Chinese Patent? What will be the authenticity ...
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How to Understand CNIPA's National Interest Rules

Last month my patent was fully granted in Japan. I have only a short while longer until my PCT 30 month period expires. China is interesting to me especially for Hong Kong. I watched a video on ...
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Chinese Patent Law - what are the official fees, especially annual renewal fees?

Are there any official annual fees to maintain the patent right in China? If yes - what are they? How much does it approximately cost to get your patent drafted and submitted for application via the ...
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