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Citing a blog in background information (not prior art)

For a USPTO utility patent, in my background section I would like provide a reference to an interview (the interview included in a blog post available at This is not a prior art ...
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Citation Explainination of Paragraph three under description

In reference to the patent: US20140267936 Applicant mention a citation :- Another approach is disclosed in copending U.S. application Ser. No. ______, (Docket SPC0936PA) filed on even date ...
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Get the citations of a given patent programmatically from

Using a web browser, I can manually get the citations of a given patent using as follows: Visit: Click "Cited Works" For each ...
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When did patents start citing each other?

I can't find patent citations on patents from 1836. Was there a specific date or year that citations were added to patents?
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A bulge in patent's citations

I was investigating the possible spike in the patent's out-degree. I observed a very strange behavior that patents citing 11 papers is much more than expected. I was wondering if there was some sort ...
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Download bulk citation data for pre grant USPTO patents

Where can I download bulk data for citations that come from pre grant patent publications? I tried to find it in the USPTO bulk data page and also on PatentsView but no luck. I am sure I'm missing ...
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Patent citation

I wonder if it legal to use a procedure of a patent as a procedure in my research as it is! or otherwise, should I modify it and cite the patent with mentioning the paper? If it is legal, How can I ...
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How is a magazine article cited in a detailed description?

I am describing a modification of an existing optimizing algorithm as part of a method claim, and wish to avoid describing the details of the existing algorithm. What is the correct format for ...
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