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USPTO Patent XML, understanding the us-field-of-classification-search element

I'm working with XML from the USPTO bulk download which provides weekly downloads of XML of published patent grants. I'm using this documentation to understand the files. I'm having trouble ...
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Examination of applications with matter in more than one art unit/classification?

It is not uncommon for patent applications to relate to "systems" comprising subject matter relating to more than one examination art unit and/or classification. Consider a self-driving car patent ...
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Patent classification for file format encoding/decoding algorithm

I am aware that certain algorithms to generate or read digital file formats can be patented. Patents on computer file formats I am attempting to reverse engineer a particular file format that I did ...
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Does the classification process of an innovation have to be done by an examiner before he/she select the prior art that'd form an objection on novelty

Good Day to all. I am being challenged by an IP Australia examiner that my innovation lacks subject matter. The examiner however never did classification proceding and presents 4 bits of prior art ...
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What if the PPA was filed with the wrong classification? Still valid?

As you know PPA's are not examined, so of course, neither are they ever rejected if they are filed in the wrong classification (say it should have gone in "Lasers", and somehow "households" was used). ...
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How to search by international classification at USPTO

I am trying to get list of granted patents searched by class at I am trying the following string. Anybody have any Idea how to do this. icl/C07 AND ...
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TM class for goods and registration

I just look up the term harmonized in TM class what does it stand for? I have included the images in which the term "harmonised", "harm", "nice", "idle" and "msg". please help me to define it.
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What do these sub group classes mean?

I am completely confused by the definition of these subgroups of IPC classes. Could anyone please explain me these in layman's term? Like which kind of patents are defined in these groups (User ...
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Would I be infringing on a patent with a accessory for the patented design?

I have created a fooseball table (table soccer) accessory / design improvement depending on the aspect of which I can legally pursue also variation of product installation or the incorporation of the ...
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Can a patent have 2 different CPC classes?

Can a patent have 2 CPC classes to it? Is it strictly 1? Let's say the patent is classified in order for it to be given to a specific unit to study it, does the patent go only to one unit? To clarify, ...
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USPTO classification databse

I´m new in research in patent classificacions and need to get the CCL: Current US Classification, CPC: Current CPC Classification, CPCL:Current CPC Classification Class and ICL: International ...
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Statutory Class for COTS systems

BACKGROUND An American novel invention features a new industrial measurement process and is implemented by configuring COTS (commercial off the shelf) computers and COTS software to measure and ...
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