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What if I didn't mention all the use cases for my invention across different sectors?

I wish to file my own provisional patent (I'm jobless without an income so I can't afford an attorney). I have an idea that solves many problems across different industries. Should I mention all the ...
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us11541217 - Tattooing Apparatus

I'm very curious if the technology from the device described in patent us11541217 exists in any commercial device, or has yet been built? I cannot find any contact information for the inventors, nor ...
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Commercial encryption device

I am trying to build and patent an elliptic curve-based encryption device. I am very new on this field and my 1st thought is what should I take care of?? Are encryption algorithms like ECC open source,...
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How would you find someone with expertise on selling to Patent Assertion Entities?

I've tried googling all sorts of different sentences trying to find information on PAEs. Nothing that comes up is of any use. Here is my situation: My patent was granted in 1 country, pending in ...
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2 answers

Retaining inventorship of abandoned provisional patent of India (even if rights are foregone)

I have a provisional patent regarding an electronic device (with outline of software black boxes as software alone cannot be patented in India). It is about to expire in sometime (12 month period). ...
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Patenting Inventions and Commercialisation

This will be my first time asking a question, so forgive me if I duplicate an existing question. I have designed which I believe is a novel method in the form of a product for an existing process (i....
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Find a product using a given patent / Contact a patent owner

In a search for a specific tool, I found a patent describing exactly what I need. However, I couldn't find any tool on the market using the technology it describes. What can I do? Is there a way to ...
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