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US patent class 343: Communications: radio wave antennas

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Prior Art Request - Beam Forming Antenna - US20120262358

I seek to catalog prior-art for this patent application for a Yagi-Uda style antenna using a collection of ground plane style elements resulting in a slick vertical polarization beam antenna system. ...
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Definitions of phrases in claims - Who get's to decide?

In patent application US 2012/0262358 of title "BEAM FORMING ANTENNA" one finds a very clever, I think very novel and useful new way to arrange vertical elements into a Yagi-Uda array. Irregardless ...
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Practicality of faster than light travel

How was a patent granted for a technology that violates basic physics? Hyper-light-speed antenna Patent number: 6025810 Filing date: Oct 2, 1997 Issue date: Feb 15, 2000 From the abstract: "A method ...