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2 answers

can any patent attorney draft a good software patent?

I am trying to determine if a patent attorney truly needs to know anything about computers or software at all to write a good software patent? The way I see it, all software is a method or a system? ...
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Is there such a thing as a valid non-MPF computer-implemented claim limitation?

Certain opinions I've been reading lead me to believe that a claim to anything performed by a "computer" (or equivalent) is always "functional" and runs afoul of rules prohibiting ...
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Is additional device claim allowable for CII type claims?

Let's say we are drafting a claim set comprises computer implemented method claim, device claim (for executing method like processing unit), a program claim and a computer readable medium claim. (The ...
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Proper title of Zuse patent submission Z23624

Consider the Zuse computer patent submission Z23624, available from the Konrad Zuse Internet Archive. The title of the ZIA ID 0177 in is Patentanmeldung Z23624 "...
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Would a virtual "difference engine" (i.e. computer) be patent eligible?

The invention is a difference engine, a new type of computer that produces a very specific output. The rules governing the difference engine are entirely novel, as is the output. But the ...
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Section 101 - Computer Implemented Invention

Can anyone point me to recent (post-Alice) successful examination responses to section 101 for computer implemented inventions (software patents). I am currently prosecuting a s101 objection for a ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Can patents on computer file formats be obtained?

Preface When talking about file formats (= data formats intended for files), it is easy to confuse the data format and the algorithm used to produce or decode this format. This is mostly due to the ...
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Patent application US20120203725 conflicting with a older publication

This patent application claims that the collaborative merging of brain signals is a new invention. However, in an article by Yijun Wang and Tzyy-Ping Jung entitled "A Collaborative Brain-Computer ...
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Computer Software patent applications rejected in the UK - Can it still be granted in Europe/US?

I understand Europe/US have relaxed the regulations surrounding computer software patents, whilst the UK remains somewhat rigid. Thus, would it stand that if such an application was rejected in the UK ...
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