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US patent class 345: computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems

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CALL FOR PRIOR ART: (Nintendo) Object transparency based on distance in virtual environment

TITLE: Computer-Readable Storage Medium, Information Processing System, And Information Processing Method App Number: 13/028,329 Publication Number: US 2012/0146993 A1 Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd. ...
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Double tap spacebar to insert period and capitalize next character (RIM) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON USER INTERFACE - This patent from RIM claims the idea of... doubletap spacebar to insert periods and capitalize! 10 minutes of your time can help narrow US patent applications ...
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Prior art for double-tap to zoom in a structured document / web browser

Apple has patented (US7864163) the behaviour in Mobile Safari whereby double-tapping zooms in just enough to fit on the screen the particular box of content that was tapped. A computer-implemented ...
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Prior art on Microsoft patents asserted against Barnes & Noble and Motorola

I was wondering whether there was sufficient prior art for some of the patents that Microsoft is with Android device manufacturers? Most of those seem to have been resolved under NDA, but here's some ...
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Could Apple's recent patents be based on prior art?

Some of Apple's patents, I am pretty sure are based on Prior art some of these include: Patent US 7844915. Here is its claim 1: A machine implemented method for scrolling on a touch-sensitive display ...
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Prior art for screen that rotates based on orientation

Patent application #20040201595, filed April 11, 2003, describes a screen that rotates based on orientation. Here is its claim 1: A method for orienting a display image, said method comprising the ...
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Idea that is similar but not identical to an existing patent: how do I evaluate the novelty?

I came up with an idea similar to this one (us20070091093) around the same time and I've read this patent pretty thoroughly. They cover a large part of what my idea is, but I have differences in ...
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How does Apple's patent differ from Microsoft HEL?

How does the patent application US 2011/0037768 “System for Emulating Graphics Operations” filed by Apple (filing date Oct 15, 2010) differ from Microsoft's DirectX/DirectDraw HEL (Hardware Emulation ...
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How could a patent have an extremely broad claim?

US patent application 2004/0249303 appears to patent everything… including everything that is 3D and has 'subregions'. How is this patentable? What problem is it solving? Claim 1 is: A method ...
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Comixology patent vs. presenting comicbook panels sequentially

I'm working on a comicbook and want to publish an alternative mobile version of it where the panels are presented one by one and in a linear fashion, similar to how you would browse through images in ...
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Laptop with extendable USB-powered I/O device

Re: US20080316176 A1 Is this invention novel and patentable? 1. A laptop computer system having an extended touchpad functionality, the system comprising: a base having a media bay, the base ...
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How can Apple patent flexi screens?

According to my reading of, Apple patented flexi displays. How ...
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Will my comic reader app violate Comixology patent?

I am developing an app for iOS devices which has almost the same guided view type reader for comic panels. There are a lot of posts on the web about fights between Marvel and Comixology regarding the ...
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