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How i can patent an idea and concepts? Can I patent a new idea and new concepts?

So I have many ideas and concepts to take patents so there we can patent an idea and concepts. How much will it cost to take patent an idea. Is it too much costly. I am individual from India
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2 answers

How broad can / should a patent application be?

this is my first question here. :-) I hope it's been answered before; and I'm assuming there are many, many people in my same situation that would like to know the same thing(s). To explain myself, I'...
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3 votes
2 answers

Software Patent or Copyright?

I have an idea that I would like to pitch to a software partner that I currently work with. What is the best approach to protect my idea? I'm not sure if I can patent it since it's s concept and not ...
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When and how to patent a business model?

I have an idea for a business model that's never really been done before. There exists current businesses that accomplish the same goal, but not in the way I envision it. For example, think about Uber ...
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