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Risks of splitting invention into multiple patents?

There is a similarly-titled question that asks whether it is possible to split an invention into multiple patents. The question here is what are potential risks of doing so. Patents may potentially ...
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Fixing a poorly written patent application that has not been published

I have a patent application that was poorly written. There have been no office actions on the merits and the application has not published. I want to basically rewrite the app, or at least change it ...
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Adding useful and unobvious functionality to existing patent

Alice owns the patent for a blood pressure measurement device consisting of three elements: A) a sensor B) a particular signal processing circuit (the juice of the novel and unobvious functionality) ...
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Do divisional, continuation, and continuation-in-part affect expiration dates for patents filed prior to June 8, 1995?

As noted in an answer regarding the expiration of US 5,618,582, the effective expiration date of the patent was calculated as: The patent application was filed on June 7, 1995 and issued on April ...
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Repeating claims in a CIP that are identical to those in the parent application or granted parent patent

In a Continuation in Part application, and referring only to those claims from the original application where they, and the specifications they refer to, are remaining unchanged – is there any need to ...
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