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Is my invention is safe when pending in court

When patent application rejected by Indian patent office,now in High court against decision of Ipo. In this situation is my invention safe, mean can anyone use it without my consent?
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Can a patent issued before Alice, but suspect of not meeting its standards now, be invalidated at the PTAB?

I agree with some if not most of the fundamental principles of Alice despite its somewhat ambiguous construction as of now. Presumed is a patent issued pre-Alice, and post-Alice be found not meeting ...
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What is the real effect of "a combination there of"?

I wonder what is the real effect of "a combination there of". If I write "a,b,c" vs "a,b,c, a combination thereof". I understand the logical difference. Is there a precedent in which usage in the ...
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How is the truth established in court for cases involving truly high-tech patents?

How are truly high-tech cases requiring specialized knowledge decided in court? Either side, if we are talking about big companies, can hire experts who will testify to whatever is needed. The judges ...
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Supreme court decision in favor of Octane Fitness any good?

Having in mind recent supreme court ruling (Octane Fitness, LLC v. ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. case) in favor of defendant in patent infringement case several questions arise. What Octane ...
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Where to get patent litigation dockets?

Is there a way to get court trial documents for specific case?
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