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Databases of patents, patent application and prior art. For questions about database software, use the [data-processing-databases] tag.

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List or Registry of Expired Patents

Is there a national Registry of Expired Patents that one can search through for reference?
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Any reliable free resource to check the patent expiration of a particular drug?

Is there any database that is reliable and free preferably (though if academic access is needed, I can check that), to check when a particular drug patent expires?
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How do I format a patent application number for use in Inpass?

Inpass is the search engine provided by IP India for Indian patents. It accepts the numbers of the patent applications in a specific format. Indian patent applications, as retrieved by search engines, ...
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What all can be accessed using Private PAIR?

Suppose I have a private pair account with uspto. Can I see patents filed today by other customers? Or It will show only patents that I have filed ?
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