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Databases of patents, patent application and prior art. For questions about database software, use the [data-processing-databases] tag.

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8 answers

How can I perform a global patent search for free?

I'm aware of several resources for searching the national or regional (e.g. EU) patent databases, but have found no tool for searching patents in all (or even several) countries at the same time. Is ...
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How long does it take a patent application to appear in the USPTO database?

I have several patents that I have filed which have been received by the USPTO, but have yet to appear when I search the USPTO online database. How long is the delay between filing and appearance on ...
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4 answers

What are the best prior art databases and search tools?

There are many ways to find prior art (books, thesis, magazines, patents, etc etc). When doing online prior art search, what tools and databases do you use?
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Is there an online database for seeing patent applications from India?

Is there a website similar to EPO or USPTO to see Indian Patent applications (Not filed patents)?
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Available patent correlation data

The USPTO Cancer Moonshot Patent project includes an interesting data set called the Orange Book, which links FDA drugs to patent numbers. Can anyone share other open source government patent to '...
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3 answers

How do I find patents citing a certain article?

How do I find all patents citing a certain article using the Derwent Innovations Index / Web of Science?
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1 answer

List or Registry of Expired Patents

Is there a national Registry of Expired Patents that one can search through for reference?
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2 answers

Prior art search based on non-paid databases

I am considering prior art searching (and provided results) based only on non-paid databases (Google, Espacenet, etc), as opposed to paid databases? Would a careful search in non-paid databases be ...
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How to get a patent or patent application permalink at the JPO website?

This is clearly the Japan version of How to get a patent or patent application permalink at the USPTO website?, so I steal from there: I'd like to link to certain patents or patent applications filed ...
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2 answers

Bulk extraction of patent information

Are there any patent databases, besides USPTO database, that allows bulk extraction of patent information free of charge / for a minimal fee?
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Retrieve US patents claims

I am trying to automatically retrieve patents claims from different jurisdictions. Open Patent Services allows to retrieve patents Claims from WO, EU, and several other patent offices whereas no ...
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What does "WO" in front of patent WO 05/006842 mean?

What does "WO" in front of patent WO 05/006842 mean? Where can I find this patent? In what database do I search for it?
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1 vote
2 answers

Where can I get data on the location both the investors and the assignees?

I am a researcher wanting to examine how companies assign patents for tax planning purposes. As I search databases like Google Patents, I see a ton of data, and the PDF of the patent itself. However,...
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5 answers

Data Scraping on USPTO

Anyone performed data scraping on USPTO? someone has a tool/code that can be used to extract data from USPTO and have it as SQL DB?
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3 answers

Where to query and download patent full texts?

For a research project, I need to download full-text (title, abstract, description, claims), date, and citations, for patents published in a given period (say from 2010 on) and in a given class. The ...
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where will I find some data on how many patents are filed in each country over the last 10-15 years, in lifesciences?

I'm looking for some data, on how many patents, related to life science are filed each year in countries such as USA, EU, Japan, Aus, India, China, Brazil etc. I don't know Where to look for to find ...
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(International) Are the non-final office actions publicly searchable or published online or findable using the patent application number?

Are non-final office actions publicly searchable? If an attorney claims they receive an office action, is there anyway the client may find the letter of the non-final action the attorney received by ...
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Which is the best place to search for a filed/issued patent?

Which is the de facto and most recognizable patent DB in the world? Is it WIPO's database (the search engine and the interface seem limited) or Google Patents or maybe anything else? What is the ...
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How can I retrieve the meta-information of all patents filed to the USPTO by a given assignee?

How can I retrieve the meta-information of all patents filed by a given assignee? I am mostly interested in title, inventor list, and year of filing, for patents filed to the USPTO. The meta-...
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Does US7156733B2 include data saved to databases in addition to files?

I was looking to create a game mechanic where save game files from the first title in a series could be loaded by another game in the series so that actions the player took in the first game could ...
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How to export more than top 10k results from

I've been using from quite sometime now and I am stuck on the exporting part. I can't add more than "top 10k results" in a collection and hence can't export more than that. The number of ...
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How can I see what exercise/small soft tissue designs are currently patented?

I am a corrective exercise expert, and have some techniques and ideas I would like to see how to protect, and/or what types of things are already protected. Is there a database of specific types of ...
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2 answers

Understanding US9521164

I came across the patent US9521164 from an article about the recent YouTube advertiser drama. I initially thought it was a bad April fools joke, but unless the author has trouble reading a calendar it ...
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Index key normalization (Microsoft) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Patent US 7539685 B2 concerns the normalization of btree index keys in a database management system. There is no citation of the 1977 paper "An Encoding Method for Multifield Sorting and Indexing" by ...
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Any reliable free resource to check the patent expiration of a particular drug?

Is there any database that is reliable and free preferably (though if academic access is needed, I can check that), to check when a particular drug patent expires?
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How do I format a patent application number for use in Inpass?

Inpass is the search engine provided by IP India for Indian patents. It accepts the numbers of the patent applications in a specific format. Indian patent applications, as retrieved by search engines, ...
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What all can be accessed using Private PAIR?

Suppose I have a private pair account with uspto. Can I see patents filed today by other customers? Or It will show only patents that I have filed ?
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