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Get the same patent in multiple countries

Say I am an inventor and want to maximize the protection of my invention, so I want to patent the same thing (invention) in as many countries as possible (or at least in the biggest markets like US, ...
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EPO publication date

The EPO has so many publication dates for each patent: A1, A2, A3, A4. . . B1, B2, etc. Which should I use as publication date?
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Can an abandoned patent affect an issued one ? There's a twist

Patent A was filed formally, March-13-2010, published Nov-2011 Patent B was filed provisional, March-14-2010, then formal-filed Mar-2011 The patents covered some similar areas, but Patent B spec was ...
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Late non provisional submission in the US!

I submitted a provisional on 8/19/21 and had a few hiccups these past few weeks having me finishing up final touches on the last day to submit my non provisional patent. I had technical issues with ...
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Public Pair application STATUS DATE

and thanks for your assistance. Is the STATUS DATE listed for an application on Public Pair the date the STATUS action happened or just the date it was last updated? My confusion lies in an 2007 ...
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How to find whether patent is pending or granted and its issue date, if granted

This particular patent has been applied long ago. How can I find out if the patent has ever been granted or is still pending. If the patent has been granted, I want to know the date of it's issue.
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When will this Patent expire 5,669,982 [duplicate]

In reference to the patent: US5669982
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How can the challenge date of an application be extended?

The challenge on Microsoft's patent US 20130063492 states: Availability for Challenge: Open Until at least Sept 14, 2013 How is the "available for challenge" date obtained? What steps must we ...
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DE19817372C1 date order incorrect in Google Patents?

Per Google Patents, the order of dates for patent DE19817372C1 appears incorrect. Per the site, the patent expired on April 18th 1998 (Fee Related), but lists a grant date of Oct 7th, 1999. Looking ...
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expiry date patent EP 0999335 for Europe - Holland?

In reference to the patent: EP0999335A1
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The expiration date of the patent US 20100203636

In reference to the patent: US20100203636
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