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Definitions of phrases in claims - Who get's to decide?

In patent application US 2012/0262358 of title "BEAM FORMING ANTENNA" one finds a very clever, I think very novel and useful new way to arrange vertical elements into a Yagi-Uda array. Irregardless ...
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Definitions in dependent claims

I need to use certain terms repeatedly in my dependent claims, but do not need the same terms in my independent claims. I could define the terms in each dependent claim, but that would be prolix. I ...
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Language in claim:definition

I am writing a claim in which I want to define an object, which is similar to (yet ever so slightly different from) many other like objects. I am doing it like this:"...designating one of said ...
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How to claim interlocking elements or means

I am writing claims for a patent application for an invention that includes a person, an office, and a vehicle. The person and the office communicate; the office and the vehicle communicate; the ...
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