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A design patent is a special kind of patent that covers the ornamental design, as opposed to the workings, of a functional item.

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Can a design patent be issued based on an existing product?

Does Prior Art apply to Design Patents, and can they be invalidated based on Prior Art? Specifically, if a product has been on the market for twenty years without modification, can an unrelated ...
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Is this a design or a utility patent?

In reference to the patent: US7878930
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Why did my patent on game rules not prevent these subsequent design patents?

I invented a game whereby I took the game called 4-Square and raised it 7 feet in the air and so you play it like a 4-way volleyball game ... 4-Square in the air. I obtained Patent US 7,608,000, ...
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What is the scope of US D680,805 "Wide mouth flask"?

In reference to the design patent: US D680,805 "Wide mouth flask". So any flask or bottles like these can't have this type of cap?
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How can I make sure my design doesn't infringe on existing design patents?

I have been looking to design an ornamental vehicle steering wheel rim that illuminates from a light source, but I don't know if this have been patented or produced by the auto manufacturers yet. How ...
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Apple patent page turning animation - any prior art to invalidate this?

Apple have just been granted patent D670,713 "Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface" A New York Times blog post discusses possible prior art references. How ...
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Is It Possible to Notify Small Infringers With An Informal Letter

I was just issued a design patent 10/27/15 (application filed 2/13). The problem is that in the last 2.5 years since I applied for it, many small vendors have taken my design and are selling it ...
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When to file a design patent

Each day I am getting closer to taking a prototype I have been working on to market. Before it goes public, I would file for a provisional utility patent to determine if it is even a viable product, ...
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Do i need to file multiple design patents if the product can use different country plugs

My design uses an integrated plug, for example US, EU, European plugs, do i need to file multiple design patents for the different plug options? Or is one plug ok to show the ornamental design for ...
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