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What additional implementation details would this patent application need in order to pass?

1) User A sends a message to User B. 2) If User B does not open the message, then nothing happens after that. 3) If User B does open the message, then User A pays the app an amount in dollars. As ...
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Is it best to provide as many examples in detailed description section?

I've been reading some patents and also watching this video. Is it true that the more embodiments/examples of how the disclosure looks, is used, etc the better it is for the patent to uphold itself? ...
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What's wrong with using "claim language" in the description?

I'm often told to keep "claim language" like "plurality" and "comprising" out of the description. Is this just a style preference or is there any compelling reason to ...
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Can a regular patent application have line numbers?

The question Why do patent description contains serial numbers like [0001], [0002] etc? is about paragraph numbers. Can a regular patent application be submitted with line numbers? For example, 5 ...
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Detailed Description: Okay to give implementation suggestions and tips?

Is it okay to give implementation "suggestions", or do descriptions of embodiments need to be exacting? Could an answer please elaborate on why or why not by adding experience or anecdotes? ...
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provisional patent description similar to another patent

i am in process of writing a PPA by myself. to write the detailed description,online resources suggested to look into similar patents to have an idea how to write it. i did find a patent which is very ...
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Numerical references in the detailed description of a provisional patent application?

In reference to the detailed description for my provisional patent application, I believe my description does not need numerical references back to the drawings. Am I correct in that the numerical ...
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