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Should a 3D designer be on patent?

I am a 3D designer (SOLIDWORKS, AutoDesk, etc...) who does product design, mechanical engineering, 3D modeling for people with ideas for new products. I previously worked at a state educational ...
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Leitner system Patent

The leitner system has been invented in 1970 but Adaptively-spaced repetition which is the base of Leitner system has been registered in google patents in ...
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How to patent a product when using a freelancer?

I'm looking to hire a freelancer to help develop a product for me. Once the individual provides me the schematics and designs I would like to patent them before I work on creating the app/UI. What ...
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I Have an idea , it is similar to a couple of other patented ideas [duplicate]

The idea simply involves using compressed air to spin (a) stator/rotor(s) and, in turn, charge (a) battery (ies) that powers the electric motor. I want to contact these people and move the ideas/...
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