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Interpretation of apparatus having specific logic

Here is a patent (US10255656B2) that claims an apparatus with specific functionality. I would like to focus on the first claim for now: A multiprocessor comprising: a register file to store operands;...
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Are certain types of device not patentable?

After watching one too many ghost-hunter type shows, I had an idea for a detection device. I've built and tested a prototype and am looking to patent. I do understand an actual device isn't necessary ...
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An item that has patent, only this one kind of item exists, can I create a like item and patent?

An item that is a health item for physical means for an individual. There is only one on the market for many years. Last updated patent was filed in 2013 and previous years. Can I take the idea itself ...
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Does the use of software covered by GPLv3 and used in a patent for a device have any effect on the validity of the patent?

If one wants to use free software like Machinekit covered by GPLv3 in the further development of a device covered by the patent, does the use of the software have any effect on the validity of the ...
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