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Does USPTO accept a sequential diagram?

I used to use a sequential diagram for a process flow between multiple components, but have never seen it in patent documents. Is it not allowed? Below is just an example of sequential diagram
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Is a photograph appropriate for a PPA?

An electronic measurement system is built of 'computer off the shelf' components: there are no custom designed parts. QUESTIONS Does it make sense to provide a diagram of the interconnected parts ...
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Can an inventive step for an electronic based product be shown in a mere block diagram?

As the title says: Can an inventive step for an electronic based product be shown in a mere block diagram? I have an idea for a product and the components are a tablet or phone (on one side) and an ...
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How to include human participants in specs?

My invention involves people using machinery (computers, cars, cell phones, etc). I have been warned on this forum against including people as elements of a claim. Are the rules for specifications as ...
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Diagram of Patent wo2000006442a1

I am researching patents regarding rainwash depression. Do you have any diagrams of patent Patent wo2000006442a1 ?
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Why is there the same boilerplate stuff at the front of every patent?

A large number of patents in the IT area appear to have a very similar diagram embedded int them somewhere, usually some forms of a block diagram detailing system components such as Northbridge, ...
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Confidentiality of revised diagrams in a provisional application

If I file a revision to a provisional patent (some diagrams are not detailed enough), would the original diagrams be automatically destroyed / kept secret, or will they still show?
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Do I need a circuit diagram to get a utility patent an electronic device?

I am a partner at a startup design company which has come up with a new novel simple electronic device for household use. Do I need an actual circuit diagram with all the parts, LCD's, clock, etc ...
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