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Questions tagged [disclosure]

For questions relating to the requirements for specification, sufficiency, enablement and rules.

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How should existing software products be described in an IDS, if at all?

In an IDS for a software/computer-implemented method application, how should existing software products be documented, if at all, when the software products in question have a subset of functions of ...
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What happens if non-disclosed subject matter is granted in the US?

In Europe, a limitation in a granted patent that is later found not to have been disclosed in the original application leads to the revocation of the respective claim(s) (art. 123 (2) and (3) EPC). ...
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Common Disclosures for multiple applications?

We are a lean startup and looking out for ways to define our patent strategy. Is it possible to file multiple applications, each application with invention-focussed modifications to the specification ...
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Would providing a sample put in jeopardy my patent pending?

I have a patent pending method dealing with data compression and encryption. At the moment, I am attempting talks with various companies in the technology sector. But due to difficulties in even ...
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