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This tag should be applied to questions involving divisional patent applications or patents granted from divisional applications.

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Risks of splitting invention into multiple patents?

There is a similarly-titled question that asks whether it is possible to split an invention into multiple patents. The question here is what are potential risks of doing so. Patents may potentially ...
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Do divisional, continuation, and continuation-in-part affect expiration dates for patents filed prior to June 8, 1995?

As noted in an answer regarding the expiration of US 5,618,582, the effective expiration date of the patent was calculated as: The patent application was filed on June 7, 1995 and issued on April ...
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Do divisional applications have the same detailed description?

I read some patents, it seems they were divided from a single application as the detailed descriptions are the same. The question is, when an application is divided into multiple applications because ...
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