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I want to protect a way of illustrating grammar

I have a system of illustrating grammatical concepts with graphical representations. It is interactive, and will be displayed on a web page. I don't know if it counts as a "program" or not, ...
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What are relevant CPC symbols for teaching methods?

I believe I have developed a novel method for teaching people how to think differently that is transformative at a deep and useful level. When I search for prior art, I get overwhelmed with devices ...
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I'm looking to patent a new SaaS Education System. Processes and structure are very different from the traditional system

I am aware that I cannot disclose key information about the system/business model but I would only need to know if there is record of previous education systems being patented. It isn't just a ...
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Can a method of teaching based on research be patented

My partner and I interviewed hundreds of high-achievers and reverse engineered their process to discover universal practices and methods of goal achievement. We wrote a book on the subject. Then a ...
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