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Do I need a circuit diagram to get a utility patent an electronic device?

I am a partner at a startup design company which has come up with a new novel simple electronic device for household use. Do I need an actual circuit diagram with all the parts, LCD's, clock, etc ...
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2 answers

Patents on construction kits in germany

Can patents restrict the noncommercial distribution of schematics and contstruction kits in germany? Example: A company is patent holder for a blinking LED. A student puts schematics and partlists ...
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Are an electronic circuit/schematics patentable there are lawsuits or literature about?

My name is Diego Camilo Peña Ramírez, i'm employee in the patent office in Colombia and we are looking for information about patentability in electronic circuits, more specifically about the ...
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During patent application submission, which case is correct for approval?

I would like to submit an application for a new mechanism to be patented. Do I have to attach the complete mechanism including screws, nuts, housing and general electric components like DC motors in ...
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We didn't patent a possible innovation before the release. What are the risks?

Last year I joined a project started by a friend. He was working for some years on an electrical device and I helped him in many aspects. Recently, the "project" became a "sellable product". ...
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How to patent a product when using a freelancer?

I'm looking to hire a freelancer to help develop a product for me. Once the individual provides me the schematics and designs I would like to patent them before I work on creating the app/UI. What ...
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