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Would I violate this patent?

Patent US2016294759 protects A computer-implemented method comprising: synchronizing with an email service and receiving an email message via a data network; parsing content of the received email ...
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Are Google patents preventing new email client products?

We are trying to develop a new software product that requires an integrated email client. We found some old patents from Google regarding email systems.
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How is this patent different from existing long term online forums, email lists and the like?

It is always hard to weed out of patent-speak what is really going on, but on the surface, as I read the claims, I keep thinking "are we not already doing that?". Maybe there are people who could ...
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Disposable email addresses (Apple) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

A handful of Apple engineers have applied for a software patent application (US20140047043) on the idea of adding a proprietary protocol to request new disposable email addresses automatically from an ...
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