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Do you need to inform employer of patent licensing that you obtained on your own?

I have full time job and I am thinking about getting a patent on my own and licensing it. It has no connection to my full time job. Do I need to tell my employer that I am licensing a patent. Does ...
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Who will be the assignee in such hypothetical situation?

Who will be the assignee in such hypothetical situation? Imagine a hypothetical situation where Alex works in company A and his friend Bob works in company B. One patentable idea came up from both of ...
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Patent holder died, no estate filed. Relatives may commercialize patents. The deceased sold shares and accepted loans?

Since 2010 recently deceased inventor (Pa. resident) received several significant US patents and filed several pending applications for US and international patents. No estate has been filed 8 months ...
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Applying for a Job without a Patent

Say I have a photography app with some special features that are patentable. Actually, just say I have an "app", not even specifying that it's photography. I don't want to show this to potential ...
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How to patent a product when using a freelancer?

I'm looking to hire a freelancer to help develop a product for me. Once the individual provides me the schematics and designs I would like to patent them before I work on creating the app/UI. What ...
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How are patent processes initiated in big companies (typically)?

This is a part of my effort to help my friend who is thinking about patenting an idea (regarding some concept of security and compression). This is obviously not my idea and I am only helping my ...
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Patent being filed by previous employer on invention made during the time I was employed by them

My previous company contacted me to sign a "declaration for utility or design application using an application data sheet". They have filed a new patent application a few months ago based on the work ...
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State law about employers giving inventor chance to take forward an application before abandoning

While working for a major US company headquartered in California (but registered in Delaware), I was the named first inventor of a patent application. I quit the company in 2014 to pursue a full time ...
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Is submitting a document falsely claiming that an inventor is not reachable illegal?

An associate of mine and I jointly filed a patent, through my current employer. I was required to sign an assignment agreement when I started as a condition of employment. My friend worked for the ...
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