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1 answer

Is it possible to patent a product designed entirely with computer simulations?

I have designed a product called a Metamaterial that absorbs acoustic waves at broadband frequencies. The design is novel and demonstrated entirely through physics-based simulation software (Comsol). ...
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How to find a patent lawyer with an engineering background?

Is there a method to locating a patent lawyer in the United States that specializes in engineering and mechanical design, and can create engineering patent drawings from a paper sketch? I can do a ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is an electric circuit patentable?

If I make an electric circuit for a specific purpose would it be patentable? The circuit is not complicated, it is simple for a very simple task.
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US20150310570 seems like a superfluous invention, can someone see prior Art and if suitable innovation exists

Please see the patent filed on the URL: The claims of the patent are: 1. A system comprising: a processing device; a memory operatively coupled to ...
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