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Is settling a civil patent infringement case via mediation considered estoppel in a possible ex parte review"

Two years ago, my small two-person firm was sued in US Civil Court for patent infringement. The cost to fight this case was astronomical- so we agreed to mediation quickly to keep the business going. ...
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Is there a potential estoppel issue here?

Patent A is granted. Patent application B is related to A, but is a new application. Patent A is prior art to Patent application B. To prosecute Patent application B to grant, can an attorney make a ...
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Do terminal disclaimers (TDs) inherit estoppel/disclaimers from TD "family"?

E.g. assume first-filed application X disparages the prior art, thus implicitly disclaiming that scope. Does later-filed application Y filing a terminal disclaimer over app X also lose this claim ...
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Nonstatutory double patenting rejection and estoppel

I have an application B that the examiner has provisionally rejected under double patenting, as the application has similarities with a prior application A that I made. The two were submitted a month ...
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Estoppel from international phase amendments

In a PCT filing, is there any estoppel effect of arguments presented during the international phase (under art 19 or art 34) on national phase filings?
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