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Questions tagged [european]

Questions specifically relating to the EPO rules, patent practices in Europe, and patents filed in Europe

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'Technical effects' of software patents for eligibility

For patent eligibility of software patents in many countries including EU there is a requirement of 'technical effects' on the hardware device. These 'technical effects' are technological advances or ...
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When will the EU Unified Patent Court come into existence?

So far I have gathered that one can apply for an Unitary Patents(UP) when the Unified Patent Court (UPC) comes into existences. This will come into existence when: either on the first day of the 4th ...
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Does the pure complexity of a computational task make it not to be a mental model?

I partially read this response to a patent application related to assigning seats to airline passengers, such that they are "happy". In this response, the examiner says: the subject matter of the ...
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Structure of the EPO law

When I have to look at some rules or laws or the like from the EPC, I always struggle to navigate to the correct phrases. When I simply google for what I'm looking for I get there in seconds but I ...
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