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how to exclude patents from a specific country?

There is an inventor with my same name, and I am setting up an external search using USPTO and I would like to exclude the patents based on a specific country or for instance when the author zip code ...
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Why do some patents include verbatim copies of the claims as filed in the description?

Here is a patent chosen at random that contains the complete set of claims in the "SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION" section. Sometimes this is an "Examples" section at the end. I've ...
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The tense in Examples in a patent application

the invention concerned comprises three components, and one of them is an elastomer which does not contain a functional group (4). I used this term "an elastomer which does not contain a functional ...
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Examples and guidance for algorithms and procedures

Where can I find examples and guidance on drafting an algorithm? This is not for patenting the algorithm as such, which I believe must be attached to hardware. This has more to do with the procedure ...
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