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Could you patent an existing product if you've found a previously unknown usecase for it?

Sometimes a new and entirely different usecase is discovered for an already existing product. A good example of this is the pesticide Metaldehyde. This compound was originally developed as a solid ...
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Referencing existing consumer product in provisional patent application

If I was filing a provisional patent for an invention that works with an existing product, what is the most elegant way to refer to that other product in my provisional patent text? For example, if I ...
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Can someone else claim to be the inventor after the original inventor's patent expires?

I patented a specific type of work location tool. The patent expired and I just recently saw another company selling a tool that does exactly what I claimed my tool does in it's description. I ...
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Did they check before accepting this patent?

Carsim proposed an architecture where a system takes a natural language description, converts it into a formal description and instantiates corresponding scene elements. This was done in 2002, before ...
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Is there a patent for water flow sensing and leak detection in Pipes?

I am working on project which aims at making a device which can calculate the amount of water flowing through the pipe (to calculate water usage by a user). The device will be connected to the main ...
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Existing Patent's Application Usages

I have an idea which is very close to an existing patent CN 103839021 A. However, its application and working is completely different than what is mentioned in that patent. I came across the section ...
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Doesn't the publication of the Pharmaceutical Care Practices in 1998 and 2004 constitute public disclosure?

In reference to the patent: US20060271405
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To determine the novelty of the idea

I'm trying to build a hexapod with several new capabilities and all the features used are not my original creation but the idea of combining them together to form a bot is my idea, and there is no bot ...
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Can one patent the combination of two existing technologies as a new invention?

What if one combines two existing technologies in a new way. For instance combining a word processing program with features from a web site analytics program? Both ideas already exist but the ...
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