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Can I know the patent expiry date of BE 621819 [closed]

What is the Patent expiry date of BE 621819 in India and Brazil ?
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US 6967208 patent expiry details

The US6967208 was filed in 17 Sep 2002, published in 22 Nov 2005. With 20 years from date of filing as an expiry date for a patent it would expire on 16 Sep 2022. However needed to know if there was ...
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Why does the expiry of a patent and/or SPC varies in european countries?

The patent expiry usually varies by a day or two among the EU countries. For eg. SPC of EP0914118 will expire on different days in France, UK and Germany & Spain? Why is there such a difference ...
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expiry date patent EP 0999335 for Europe - Holland?

In reference to the patent: EP0999335A1
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What will be the expiry of Continuation patent

Let me starts with an example: US 7598276 B2 was filed on Nov 7, 2006 having 1 day of PTA. US 8557852 B2 was filed on Aug 28, 2009 which is division of '276 with 546 days of PTA. There is no ...
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collection of medical data online

In reference to the patent: US20060184393 Does this patent implies that no one trying to collect medical data online can actually do it? Is not this patent too broad and lacking of a discovery? Can ...
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When will this Patent expire 5,669,982 [duplicate]

In reference to the patent: US5669982
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When does US Patent 7,222,078 expire?

Lodsys have been using this patent to sue app developers for damages relating to the use of In-App Purchases. According to this site, the patent expired 6th August 2012 due to a terminal disclaimer ...
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