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Supplemental Protection Certificates, two different drug indications (Europe)

I've been trying to understand the scope of protection for SPC's. Let's say a drug company gets an MA in Europe for compound X for two different therapeutic uses, use A and use B. Let's say the ...
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How to understand options for filing an Extension of Time request for OA response?

From MPEP documentation I am not understanding the difference between forms for 37 CFR 1.136(a) vs. 37 CFR 1.136(b). The former clearly states the relevant fees; the other does not. The latter one (b) ...
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help with filling up form: Petition for Extension of Time 37 CFR 1.136(a)

A simple one, but slightly confused: in the form, the 3rd row titled: "For": I am assuming this is supposed to be the title of the invention, and NOT the purpose of filing the petition. Please correct ...
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Where can I find the forms to file an extension for my patent review?

I need to file an extension on my patent, for the patent review process. The examiner told me there is a nominal $100.00 fee to accomplish this. Please direct me to the appropriate form and mechanics ...
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