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For patent or any document filing to patent offices

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Can someone explain the term "commonly owned"?

As seen in a patent application, can someone please explain to a layperson what this term means? "All claims of the present invention application are commonly owned." I am having a heck of a time ...
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question about time periods for pre-exam processing

I have an invention that I'd like to pursue but there's a patent application for the exact same thing already in existence. However, it's been undergoing pre-exam processing since 2008. Is there any ...
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Citation Explainination of Paragraph three under description

In reference to the patent: US20140267936 Applicant mention a citation :- Another approach is disclosed in copending U.S. application Ser. No. ______, (Docket SPC0936PA) filed on even date ...
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when a patent is filed with an IDS form, what does "Information Disclosure Statement considered" mean?

Is Anyone familiar with this under the "Transaction description" tab? And if so, does this mean the application just started being examined by the examiner? how long after this will the ...
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Facing issues while e-filing provisional patent application

I am trying to file utility patent - provisional application. Facing these kind of issues? How to deal with it? I prepared all my documents using MS Word or MS Visio - then just saved them as PDF ...
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which documents need to be in a USPTO provisional utility patent for a software system

Presently I have: COVER SHEET ABSTRACT and CLAIMS What's missing?
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