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Decision on final office action amendment in regards to potential infringements

In order do make a final office action allowable, I need to amend independent claim 1 which broadly claims a rotating device specific to the art which would cover most potential infringements. The ...
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2 answers

How to file After Final response and what can be included in it

Consider the following case: A nice examiner files final rejection but allows a post rejection interview and during the interview suggests how to amend claims for allowance and also suggests to file ...
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What is a PTOL-2323?

I recently received a final rejection, called the examiner, received guidance for what amendments I should submit to receive an allowance, made them and filed an AFCP request. The response is that ...
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What is time to give reply to advisory action if it is received after 3 months of Final Office Action mailing date

Advisory action is issued by USPTO if reply to final office action is within 2 months from mailing date of final office action and also reply time to Final Office Action including Advisory is 3 months ...
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Final rejection using same references after an unarticulated non-final

For an example scenario you get a rejection on your only claim, claim 1. It is rejected under 103 and the examiner cites paragraph [0010] of reference A and the abstract of reference B. Although ...
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