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1 answer

Combining 2 inventions risk

I have designed a web and mobile application process that has 2 different functions and processes working on the same application. I have discovered through patent search that they both seem to be ...
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1 vote
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Does functionality block ornamental protection in design patents?

I have finished a design patent for an antenna. This effort was based on the existence of many design patents for antennas in the USPTO...
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1 answer

Can a really broad claim like 'the top is made of plastic' cause an infringement?

I came up with an idea for which a device has already been patented which has some of these really broad claims. My design would be very different from the design in the patent, but at the end they ...
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Is there such a thing as a valid non-MPF computer-implemented claim limitation?

Certain opinions I've been reading lead me to believe that a claim to anything performed by a "computer" (or equivalent) is always "functional" and runs afoul of rules prohibiting ...
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